Elusive Thursdays

I was told when I started this month that I would have one good Thursday. Well two are gone and neither were good. I’ve done Thursday shows at the Studio before and know that although they can be fun, they are not typically the best shows for me. Last night was no exception. The crowd was small and I heard they were there primarily to see one comic. They were fine enough but just weren’t buying my wares. Second night for my new joke and it got some light laughs which means there’s life there. I like it when the simplest thoughts become viable jokes.

Although it wasn’t my greatest outing, the night had merits of it’s own. Sean Sullivan, the Thursday night host, was there and is always fun to watch. Plus I just like him. I also was fortunate enough to see Brian Longwell, the funniest non-motivational speaker you will ever see. He’s quite a character and always a pleasure to meet. I also some some nice guys that I haven’t seen in while. That’s one of the best things about being at the same club for an entire month. I see so many people that I know.

So my post today is short and sweet, not because I can’t write anymore, but because my time is short. That’s a challenge for me this month. Work all day, joke all night, work all day, joke all night. Rinse and repeat. I’m tired and there’s still many hours before I can sleep and tonight the lineup is great.   Fridays are generally tough nights for me and this week has been especially vicious.  As much as I’d love to put on my PJ’s, make some tea and watch TV, I can’t wait for the show.  How has this happened?

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