Now Go Cat Go

Show number four was somewhere between show number 1 and show number 2 on the success scale.   It was fine enough.  The crowd was fine. There was a table of people, a dozen or so, who came to see one person in particular.  They were a fun group of men and enjoyed everyone, not just their friend.  Their friend was gay.   Don’t worry, I’m not outing him, he’s as out as imaginable.  He was pretty entertaining although he went long and ended low.   I filed him in my file of gay acts.  I have a file of chick acts, black acts, one liners, the storytellers, the great comics and everyone else.  Some acts aren’t easy to file.  I compartmentalize.   I saw someone last night that I have in no file, Gary Peterson.  He’s funny and he’s one of the first people I met when I started doing stand up.  I guess he’s actually in the file of people I have a soft spot for.  That file is small and most would probably find the people in it surprising.  I don’t see him much and admire his ability to go places I can’t, yet.

The funny thing about these compartments is that not all the gay comedians are in the gay act file.  Not all the female comedians are in the chick act file.  If I filed that way where would you put the lesbians or the one liner guys who area also black?   The filing system is also not set in stone.  People move from file to file and frankly I don’t think much of the files or filing system until I hear about a theme show.  I don’t have myself in a file although I have done theme shows, several Asian shows and a few women shows.  I don’t actually care for the themed shows unless it’s a general theme where you’d be likely to see a variety like the PhD show someone I know puts together and I’ve been trying to put together a World Religions show.

So I’m four shows down and 21 to go and still haven’t used on my new jokes.  I have three now to choose from although one still needs a happier tag.  I had it set in my mind to one specific new joke.  No luck.  I don’t know what’s holding me back although it could just be my old mind set that The Studio is generally not a brand new joke place.   The problem there is that The Studio is just about the only place I will be this month so I better get over it quick.  Wednesday will be the night.  Tonight I have “off” which means writing and life things will be done.  Tomorrow is the magic show with the debut of my magic trick which is a bit daunting.  I’ve just about got it but need to tighten up my story that goes along with it.  So tonight there will be no show and perhaps an early bedtime as I prepare for tomorrow’s unknown.

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