Lucky #3

This will be short sweet. I’ve got a house full of comics watching football and eating dinner in my living room below. It’s how my Sundays are usually spent.

Saturday nights are usually great nights at the Studio and last night was no exception. Before the show even started the crowd was alive. There was a large party of people who could have made the show a nightmare and sure there was a little chit chat at the table and some blackberry checking, but for the most part they were great. Although I did very well, I regretted not sliding in the new one, that is the time to gauge a new joke. I was just on a role and the audience was so wonderfully responsive that I just stayed on my path, the safe path.

The Lucas Brothers were my favorite act of the night. They are a funny pair of twins who also seemed to be down to earth guys. I like that in a comic and then tend to like their act better although I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do. It was a great show overall and found another piece of the puzzle that I need to work on which is also part of my goal for the month, identify the weak spots. There’s more to a set than the jokes and more to work on than writing.

After the show a woman approached me, arms wide spread and hugged me. She thanked me for sharing my life on stage and said I was wonderful. I think she was drunk. Although I appreciate her appreciating me, I don’t like it when strangers hug me or actually touch me. Sure the unavoidable crowd bump is fine, a handshake is ok but out and out stranger hugging isn’t for me. Several other people approached me as well and told me how much they enjoyed my set. I am grateful for the kind words and it helped me identify another weak spot which I am also grateful for. So Saturday night was a great night filled with great comedy and added insight.

What tonight will hold is yet to be seen and I’m not really as prepared for it as I should be.

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