Two Down

Decemeber 2nd

The second show of my month long stint went much better than the first. Again, I will never blame or credit the audience for a bad or good show, but last night at least the audience seemed to want to be there. Weekend shows seem to have a different energy. The audience is filled with people looking for a good time. Weekday shows are different and quite often the audience is filled with people looking for an escape from the day. The pre-show energy of Friday’s show was also better than the previous night probably because I knew more of the comics on the show and hanging around. Thursday night the hangers were mainly young men whom I had never seen anywhere before, not any open mics, other clubs or even the grocery store. That happens more and more often. The new wave. Friday night however was filled with friends and familiar faces and it was nice.

Ken Reid of course opened the show with funny, funny tales of his life and family. I’ve heard his stories so many times and laugh every time, the definition of a great story and story teller. That is a good story. My set started as it did Thursday with a Halloween joke that should be put away for the year but I like it and so far so does the audience. I can’t seem to get myself in the Christmas spirit and I guess until then, Halloween it is. I also didn’t do my new joke which is eager to make it’s debut. It’s not really Friday night ready but perhaps I can sneak it in the middle tonight if all is going well. If it doesn’t make the list, then Sunday it is. Sunday shows are good for new tidbits.

Although everyone had a good set last night, some nights there are no failures, there were highlights. Peter Bowers, a funny older Englishman teetered on the edge of cracking. He was just going somewhere unknown and a bit unsettling and we were wondering if he would come back. Thankfully he did because it’s usually not pretty when we don’t. By far the greatest even of the night was sassy Kelly McFarland taking some swings at the hot chicks in the crowd. There were four women seated up front who were what I like to call sex hunters. They were not going home alone last night. The leader of the pack had a RED dress on that was so tight I thought it was a second skin. The only thing that could have been tighter is body paint which would have looked a little less whorish. She had a Victoria’s Secret body although there were no secrets hidden in that dress as Kelly pointed out multiple times. It was hilarious and this woman loved every minute of it. It always amazes me when people in the audience enjoy being humiliated. Always.

So tonight is night number three. A Saturday night which usually proves to be a good night but we shall see. Every night is a new show and every crowd a fickle beast. You just hoping they appreciate your offerings.

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