One Down

Show one was not great, not even good.  Not horrible, but not good.  I wanted to tell a new joke, one yet untested but should work, and a Thursday night at The Studio is a good place to test it out.  I didn’t dare.  I started out with stuff that works and it worked but barely.  I did more stuff that works and it worked, but again barely.  I didn’t dare throw in something new that I’m uncertain of in fear that the limited if any reaction would kill it before it had a chance to breathe.  I ended with a groan which is always an option with my closing joke, a joke I didn’t want to generally use to close on this month.  I walked off slightly bruised, but hardly wounded.  There are always these nights.

I never blame the audience for bad shows because it’s my job to get them, and I didn’t get them.  The audience last night, however, was one of those audiences that I wonder why they are there.  The audience was small, less than twenty.  There was a group of four young women in front who when I asked if they were having ladies night out, just stared at me in silence.  There was a couple in their 40’s who were impossible to ignore.  The man was a large, clean cut, silent laugher and his wife looked like a dominatrix.  There was a nice young couple with a silent girl and a guy who was really enjoying the show.  He was laughing at everything and for him, I am grateful.  For the rest of you lack luster audience members, when you come to a show, just relax.  Sit back listen to what we are saying and just have fun.  No need to be on the defensive or to scrutinize everything we say.   We can feel you on stage.  Energy travels and negative energy can hit you like a stone.  One of my goals for the month is to better learn how to avoid the stones but, it would help if you stopped throwing them.  The show got better and I enjoyed watching some of my favorites like Tom Dustin and Joe List.  That’s the great thing about The Studio and a showcase show, if you don’t like one comic, maybe you’ll like the next comic.

So tonight I’ll face a new beast.  The show is staked with talent including the host Ken Reid who is one of the greatest story tellers I’ve ever seen.  There’s also some sass on the show and arrogance but first there will be me, of course after the host.  I don’t like to discount the host who is a key player in any show and often underrated.  Tonight I will be better.

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