I’ve got two days left before it begins.  I haven’t quite done everything I’ve wanted to do.  I didn’t loose that 10 pounds I’ve gained since I was first there.  I haven’t written the quantity that I wanted to have.  I also haven’t weaned myself off sleep.  I have however started my Christmas shopping, cleaned the house, scheduled my time off and organized the closet.  I got a new bag, a new book and the latest issue of Shambhala Sun.  I still need to get a new pair of jeans, put together my schedule and have some food in the freezer.  I also still have to master my magic trick although I am close.  Thinking about it now, I’m not sure how or why I needed to have some of these things done.  That’s how I work though, randomly.

So what requires such elaborate and varied preparations? I am preparing for my month as the Comic in Residence at the Comedy Studio (The Studio as it shall be referred to).  Every year the owner and interns at The Studio select 12 comics to open every show for a month.  I found out in October of 2010 that I was selected and that December 2011 is my month.  That’s a long time to wait but the year has been a great one comedy-wise.  Twenty-five shows as the Comic in Residence will be a fantastic way to finish off the year.

I am a little nervous though.  I’ve performed at The Studio a hundred times, probably and exaggeration, but the point is The Studio is not new to me.  Frankly, I consider it my “home” club.  It’s the first club I saw a show at and it’s the first club I preformed at.  I’m more nervous about getting the most from the experience without neglecting life stuff too.  It is December after all, the busiest month of the year.  I also have a day job that is pretty demanding and I have just been recruited by our Christmas party entertainment group to cook 100 chicken wings in varying levels of hotness for a wing eating challenge.  There’s also Christmas decorating and shopping to do, wrapping, baking and basic celebrating and enjoying the season.  Lots to do in December…and only two days before it begins.

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