So today is the big turkey day Thanksgiving.  Although I’ve been hurried all day so far making some caramel, oatmeal cookies and spicy cranberry sauce, thanks have been on my mind.  Some of the wonderful people in my life have been running across my mind this morning and I just want to give thanks for them.  Of course there’s my family and boyfriend who are the craziest and kindest people.   I have some friends who are by default special.  I’m not by nature drawn to many people but the few who I surround myself with, thanks for being the unique and genuine people that you are.  Thanks for giving more than I need, making me laugh too hard and being there when I want to cry.   But there are also the quiet people who have in the past made an enormous and positive impact on my life that I don’t dare name by name in fear of forgetting someone, but thank you all.  Even those who I’m less than thankful for knowing have helped mold me so for today I will thank you and then hope you choke on your turkey (I am only human).  There are also the strangers who have been randomly kind to me, many are comics who have been supportive and inspiring and many are just strangers that I pass who have in some made a difference if even only momentary.  Thank you.

So on this day where I am lucky to be able to spend with my family and celebrate the offering life has brought to us, I want to thank everyone who is someone to anyone.  Everyone makes a difference, great or small, and that’s something to remember and cherish.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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