To Do List

It’s that time of year where there seems to be so much to do and the days are flying by. I can barely remember the last few weeks and haven’t even put a ding in the to do list. I am overwhelmed just thinking of all I have to do this week and it’s a relatively slow week for me. Thanksgiving puts another wrench in the week for sure. So much to do and so little time to it. What should I do first?

I should hit an open mic tonight but with Thanksgiving in three days, that leaves little time to bake. There’s also a Patriots game on tonight which will take the attention of any crowd that might be at the bar so I’ll probably get more done staying in. Now what to do. Mr. No Game did such a good job making the bed, but it’s clean sheets tonight or wait another week. Strip the bed and put the laundry in. Swamp People Thanksgiving special!?!?!? I’ll watch that while I have some pizza for dinner. Good lord the sink in the bathroom is even slower draining tonight…where’s the plunger? What is all that gunk the plunger plunged up? Gross. Biscotti lasts at least a week so let me whip up a batch of that. I better check the four on-line Scrabble games that I have going. (if anyone wants to challenge me, please do!) I should wrap the baby present while I’m waiting for the second bake (biscotti means twice baked). Put together grocery list to pick up at lunch tomorrow. Ooooh there’s the buzzer on the dryer. Yeah clean sheets tonight! Oh I have to make the bed. Should I make the candied nuts tonight? Why not. Oh yeah and blog. Wheh! I’m wiped out.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough and I’ve got to get some leaf bags and rake a few more bags before trash pick up on Saturday. Tomorrow I can make the candied nuts and cranberry jam. Wednesday night start the petite fours and shortbread cookies. Maybe I can read a chapter or two or better yet write some jokes before I go to bed. I’d love to splurge and watch some mindless TV as I fall asleep but do I dare? A cup of tea, some butter cookies and Gray’s Anatomy? Too decadent for a Monday.

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