Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks

I started this blog about Thanksgiving this morning but it quickly filled with all the negative things that I try so hard to avoid in my life so I scrapped it.  Instead I’d rather focus on the great things about Thanksgiving.  Here is my list of Thanksgiving Thanksgivings!

  • My nephews.  They all are away at school and coming home for at least a few hours of family time before they run off to meet friends.  They are getting older and we’re all betting busier so I don’t spend nearly as much time with them as I used to.  I miss that and so Thanksgiving will be a day to catch up with them.  Of course this year there is also a new nephew to add to the brood.  He’s darn cute.
  • Free newspaper.  I have a delivery subscription for the Sunday Globe which entitles me to a free newspaper delivery on Thanksgiving.  I know it’s a ploy by the advertisers to get the ads to me but I don’t care.  I like reading the paper on my days off and I’m glad to have one delivered.
  • Food.  I love cooking and eating.  My sister makes the meal and doesn’t let anyone else help but rather relegates the lesser food item to others.  Her mother-in-laws brings a cranbeery jelly concoction with apples and nuts which is absolutely delicious.  I asked her for the recipe once but she gave me a fake recipe which yields a disgusting glop of red mess.   I bring cookies which I spend all week making….biscotti, sugar cookies, chocolate chips, short bread and this year I think Madeleines.  I love cookies.
  • Waking up late.  Since I don’t have to cook and most of the cookies are done ahead of time, I get to sleep in late!  I love sleep.  I love being asleep.  Sleep.
  • Board Games.  Thanksgiving is board game day.  After we eat, my sister pulls out an array of board games that we play until we’re too exhausted to roll the dice any longer.  My nephew’s like word games so they can write dirty words and laugh hysterically afterward.  Mr. No Game likes word games for the same reason…hmmmmm.
  • TurkeySoup.  Every year I leave my sister’s house with the turkey carcass.  When we were little mother would spend the Sunday after Thanksgiving making turkey stock and then adding some rice, vegetables and the left over turkey meat to create the most delicious turkey soup that I have ever had.  I love turkey soup and every year, I now make it the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Delicious.
  • Family and friends.  Although this somewhat feel obligatory, I do have a great family although as crazy as the next’s.  We are all different people, on different paths but we started from the same place and there is a comfort in that.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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