Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day.  I woke up, took a shower brushed my teeth and got ready for work.  Friday’s trash day so I made sure I had plenty of time to get the barrels to the curd.  It’s month leaf collection too so there’s a couple extra trips but all was well.  I didn’t realize today was a holiday for some so the trash guys won’t come until tomorrow but it’s all good.  I headed to work, stopped at Starbucks and treated myself to a slice of pumpkin bread.  It’s Friday after all and I don’t really depend on much to treat myself to something.  I’m pretty good to me.

Sitting at my desk sipping my coffee and wondering what the day will bring, I check my email and the day changes.  I open an email to the department and read that a co-worker died in his sleep Wednesday night.  I’ve worked with him for 11 years and every time we passed each other all we said was “Julie” and I’d reply “Dougie”.  He was a good guy, kind and unassuming.  He was funny and really tall and he just died in his sleep.  It’s now a sad day here.

This afternoon, I am going to a wedding, an unassuming wedding on someone’s front porch.  They are getting married because they want to and don’t see the need to wait for a time when they can put together an over detailed, typical wedding.  It’s also open enrolment time, a very practical time to get married.  After the wedding I have to head down to Catch a Rising Star inRhode Islandwhere I’ll be featuring for Geno Bisconte.  I’ll probably listen to a WTF Podcast on my way down and an episode of This American Life on my way home.  If the show goes well I’ll treat myself to a hot chocolate for the ride home.  That’s what I do when I go down to Catch and I go there alot.

So I woke up to what I thought was a typical day and for the most part it is.  Aside from the hearing about Doug’s death, it still is a typical day. but hearing about the death and now reflecting on my day, I realize that no days are ordinary days.  Every day bring something different, every experience is something unique.  I’ll never say “Dougie” here again, Kirsten and Rick won’t be able to check off the “Single, Never Married” box of future forms and I will tell my jokes in front of a new crowd of people tonight.  Every day is new, every act is singular and nothing is ordinary.

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