The Salt Room

I am addicted to Groupons.  I am and I’m not ashamed to say it.  OK, I am a little ashamed to say it but I am a Groupon-aholic.  I’ve always been a shop-aholic but it’s been tapered by my fiscal sensibility.  Groupon is problem and toss in DailySteals, DealGenius and FatWallet and it’s the perfect storm.  The UPS man knows my name.  I also like to experience new things, go new places and eat new foods which makes Groupons all the more tempting.  I have bought Groupons for vegan restaurants, Brazilian steak houses, horse back riding and I bought a Groupon for the salt room.

At first I was merely intrigued by the picture on the Groupon website, a room filled with lounge chairs and lit with a blue light.  The offering, 3 60 minute salt room visits.  What’s a salt room?  I had no idea but a Google search alter and I learned that salt caves are all the spa rage inEastern Europe.  Sure no one takes a trip to the Czech Republic or Moldova for a spa vacation when Sedona and Napa seem far more appealing but there might be something to be said for the salt caves.  Halotherapy (salt therapy) has been used for thousands of years to help asthma, bronchitis, allergies and even Cystic Fibrosis.

Since I moved into my new house I have developed allergies.  I actually think I might be allergic to doing adult things since buying a house is the only adult thing I’ve really done and I didn’t have allergy issues before that.  Regardless the cause, I needed allergy help and am generally opposed to taking medication so maybe I’ll try the salt room.  The normal price of a 60 minute visit is $45 but with my Groupon I got 3 visits for $50!  Salt room here I come!

So I went to the salt room and it was all I thought it would be – a room made of salt.   It had 6 lounge chairs in it, the same lounge chairs that I have in my back yard, and was lit with a blue light.  There were colored light squiggles in the floor that could be seen beneath the large crystals of salt.  The lights pulsed and changed colors in time with the tone of the new age music being pumped in along side the salt air.  I brought a book but the blue light wasn’t conducive to reading so I just sat there for an hour and breathed in the air.  They say it takes a few sessions before you notice a difference but after the hour was up my skin felt a little cleaner and I was actually breathing a little easier.  I have two more sessions to go so we’ll see how it turns out.  The only down side seemed to be that I left a little saltier and craving borscht.

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