It was my first Halloween in my new house.  In the past I shied away from Halloween, keeping my lights off and ignoring the doorbell when it rang anyway.  Alot of that was because I lived on the third floor of an old multi-family house and didn’t want to keep walking up and down the stairs.  Now I live in a single family house and can open the front door from the living room so I embraced Halloween.  I had my jack-o-lantern lit, flickering candles in the windows and even put in a working light bulb in the front porch light.  I waited and waited and waited but by 8 pm still no one had come.  I was beginning to give up hope but then I heard the magical ring of the doorbell.


I jumped from my seat and although it was the side door doorbell, a door I use for convenience into the kitchen, I was thrilled at the prospect of giddy children dressed in creativity and happiness begging for sweets.  I grabbed my pumpkin bowl which was filled with Rolos, Reeses and Hershey bars and ran to the door.  I swung the door open in hopes of hearing a band of merry juveniles shouting “Trick or Treat” but instead heard the diminutive voice of my neighbor’s daughter Elisa saying “Hi Julie.”  She barely had a costume on just some weird antenna glues to a headband.  She’s about 7 or 8 years old or so I think.   Since her mother was sitting in their car in front of my house, Elisa was undoubtedly forced to ring the bell.  What a Halloween disappointment.


I think there were a few factors to my failed candy give away.  First and foremost is my driveway.  It’s unlit and about 100 feet long.  You can’t really see the house from the road either.  It’s daunting for me let alone children.  Then there are my mixed emotions on the night.  Maybe I gave off a bad vibe.  Part of me wanted to have delicious candy to offer the kids so I bought Reeses and Rolos, and part of me wanted to deter too many from appearing next year by offering Heath Bars and Mounds.  Also, although I was eager to be part of the neighborhood festivities and was excited to display the friendly jack-o-lantern freshly carved by my man-friend, I don’t really like answering the door.  It’s an issue to the degree that I’d rather go out and pick up a pizza than have it delivered.  Maybe Halloween isn’t my holiday.   We’ll see how Thanksgiving is in the new place…me neighbor does have pet turkeys!


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