I’m exhausted and it’s only Thursday.  Luckily (and unluckily) I’ve got a slow few days ahead as far as comedy goes.  I can’t however figure out when I’ll be able to get enough sleep since my early morning are spoken for the next week or so.  That’s the problem with being a morning person but working all day and at night.  My mornings are my favorite time of the day.  It is my time before the world starts hounding me for something.

I love the morning and even the days when I drag myself out of bed to get to a lack luster day job, I savor that hour (some days far less) while puttering around the house, ironing an outfit and sipping some coffee.   Saturday morning is my favorite and start just after 6 when I head out to my favorite coffee shop where I enjoying a petite raspberry croissant and Dancing Goats coffee while yucking it up with my friend Bob.  This Saturday morning slot is my normal time, my solid regular life time where I can read or write or chat and be oblivious to everything else.  I love this time and as hard as I’ve tried I can’t seem to duplicate it elsewhere.  Sundays I try to keep as flex days but it always seems to fill up with something and generally if I sleep past 7 I feel like I’ve missed my morning boat. As quiet as I try to keep Sundays, they are rarely quiet.  My family likes to gather for brunch every Sunday, friends come over to watch football and inevitably there’s a special event on a Sunday more often than special events should occur.

This Sunday to come is a special occasion Sunday…a BBQ rib throw down.  If you’ve read my blogs in the past you might have heard me talk about BBQ.  I love it.  I seek it out and even spent a week eating BBQ on a road trip fromWyominghome toBoston.  My colon has never been the same.  I also have some strange competitive compulsions at times and it kicked in once I heard that a guy I know is a big BBQ man, I threw the gauntlet and challenged him to a rib throw down.  I’ll even admit my challenge was weird.  I know this man casually from the comedy scene and simply could have just had a conversation with him about his rumored love of BBQ, but no, I have to challenge him to a competitive rib cook off.  To make matters even worse, what I thought would be a nice afternoon gather of merely a couple friends has turned into a fairly large soiree including competitive pumpkin carving.  What is wrong with me?  Not only have I got ribs to make, I’ve decided to smoke a brisket which will require a pre-sun up wake up call to start the smoker.  I am looking forward to the day though.  I like entertaining and having good and creative people in my home.  I like to be around people like that and fill my home with that kind of energy.

So as I finish this up, I am still tired and thinking about being asleep.  I love sleeping but don’t see much of it in my near future…although I don’t mind that much since I can smell the ribs already.

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