So this is my third attempt to write this today.

I’ve been up since 4:45 and more than half my work day is over.  Time is a funny thing.  On a normal Monday when I arrive to work between 7 and 7:30, time would be moving slower.  It would only be 8 am versus the 10:16 am that it is.  I’m obsessed with time.  I always have been.  I like to know what time it is at all times.  I like to know what time I am supposed to be places.  I like to know what time I am supposed to do things.  Although I like these particular details, I don’t really keep a schedule and other than going to work or a show, I rarely do anything at any specific time.  I’m not driven by time but rather do things when it’s time to do things because I do necessarily believe in time, or I should say, time as we know it.

Time is such an intangible thing despite the fact that we have been measuring it for centuries if not longer.   Today we have clocks, computers and phones that keep time, schedules to follow, alarms to shut off and countless other ways to measure time.  Then there are the stars, the moon and sun that were once watched and whose movement was measured so precisely that ancient structures are aligned so perfectly to achieve certain effects.  The great pyramid is situated to mark the spring equinox an as a result throws no shadow at noon on that day.  As consistent as time seems, we all have experienced time passing at different speeds.  What began as a fast moving time day has now come to an almost completely screeching stop.  I imagine the next 4 hours will be painfully slow and yet despite the stretching of time, I will undoubtedly get little done.  I have already done more today than usual although there has been more to do than usual.  Perhaps the speed of time is directly correlated to the amount of tasks completed.  However time works all I know is that it is not consistent and I don’t expect it to ever work itself out.  All I know is that I’m hungry like it’s lunchtime despite it being before 11 and that time flies when you are having fun and crawls when you are miserable.

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