This was a funny week littered with distractions and absurdities.  I had a plan for the week but like most of my plans, it didn’t quite work out as expected.  I wanted to get a smoker but that hasn’t happened yet.  I know you’re wondering why I need a smoker, but it’s just something I want.  I love BBQ and smoking is naturally the next step for me.  Don’t worry, it’s just a starter smoker, one that I can experiment with before I decide if I want to invest in the Big Green Egg.  I also wanted to spend some time writing, but that also hasn’t happened.  I was going to blog, even just a short something, everyday but that didn’t happen.  One piece of plan has worked out so far.  I’ve decided to stop dwelling on everything I’m not doing and just focus on what I am doing.  Living in the present is a basic Buddist principle that I know all about, but some sometime have a hard time practicing.  It’s easy to get ahead of your self and even behind but this week I’ve been here for the most part.  That piece of the plan has worked out and a few other things as well.

I did three shows this week and visited a fourth.  I had one canceled for Saturday night which is a disappointment but will use that 4 hour block to write and work on my another project of mine.  Although the shows were not great there were some great elements to each.  The first was in a neighborhood that also houses one of my favorite bakery cafes, Flour.  I had some dinner there before the show and it was wonderful.  The show itself only had 3 people in the audience but they were engaged and that is better than a fifty person audience who is unengaged.  I also got see some great people that I very much enjoy and met someone who hopefully will help un-clutter my basement a bit.  There’s nothing like passing things from one hoarder to another.  The second show of the week was odd.  There were five special (as in the Olympics) people in the audience sitting right up front and a bunch of less than special people standing around in the back.  That was odd.  There was also a few of the great funny people that can be seen around working jokes out and who also happen to be some of my favorite people.  The third show was to be the best of the three and was not although I did find a new and amazing pizza place, Oggi’s.  This show was just another item on my list of weekly absurdities.

The most absurd thing I’ve seen this week, twice at that, is the instigation of a male comic to women to defend their funniness.  To top that off there was a recent article stating that women not need to be hot to be funny as well.  Why do people look at gender when it comes to certain traits?  This doesn’t even warrant any more of my time.  I also learned that I work with someone who drives his daughter to college everyday.  If you can’t get yourself to college then be aPhoenixand stay home to go to college.  I can’t even decide who is more pathetic in this case.  What’s more pathetic is that all of this information is in my brain taking up space.  Even now it’s there and wasting my time.  Pathetic.

It’s now 9:09 AM and time to buckle down and start my work day.  I hope my plan for today works out and if it does, I’ll have a smoked brisket for dinner on Sunday!

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