My Neighborhood

It’s been six months now and I still haven’t adjusted to my new home. Actually that’s not accurate. I love the building itself and I like my new bedroom and office and closet room. I love the flowers in my little garden and I love my colorful lawn chairs. I love that friends come by and have a place to park. But everyone knows the key to real estate is location, location, location and that I have yet to adjust to.  I’ve tried and tried and tried to embrace my new town. How can you not love a town with a bowling alley, pool hall and wig shop all in the down town? So I can’t walk to Starbucks anymore. I can drive to one. So I don’t live on a bike path anymore. I actually don’t live in a neighborhood that is very conducive to bike riding but if I really wanted to I could ride my vintage 1970’s 3 speed Schwinn around the block a couple times but I don’t. My bike doesn’t like it here either.

In another attempt to at least embrace my new neighborhood, I took a walk down to the local convenient store to buy a lottery ticket. Tonight’s jackpot is over $90 million and why not take a chance. So I headed out and noticed the lovely flower pots on the porch a few doors down. That’s pretty. Then I noticed the woman walking (actually being pulled by) two hearty pit bulls toward the flowered house. She had long dread locks tied back with a head band. Hmmm. The less than better part of myself would have immediately stereotyped that woman but I couldn’t because she was white. There is no stereotype, good or bad, filed in my brain for white women with dreadlocks and vicious dogs. A few doors down there was an older Asian woman raking up grass cuttings while wearing a classic, for lack of better term, Vietnamese rice patty hat. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it but it was dusk. At least the naked guy wasn’t sitting on his porch and neither was the ancient woman who sits on her porch eating corn on the cob.  That’s a story for another blog.

Finally, I reached the convenient store. The walk home meanders through the nicer neighborhood with a museum, apple trees and well kept homes. A block into the walk and I notice a hand made sign taped to the telephone pole. $$$ REWARD $$$$ for LOST TORTOISE. Lost tortoise ?!?!?!? Those things don’t even walk fast enough to get far enough away to be lost. And where do you even get a tortoise? Good Lord where do I live? Just keep walking. Just keep walking. You are almost home. I round the final ben and notice someone has moved into the recently vacant house. I bought a big flower pot from the old tenant a few weeks ago at their moving sale. Quick turnover that’s good. Neighborhood must desirable…to someone. AS I watched the new woman clicking the auto starter on the grill, I noticed another woman coming out of the house holding a leash. They must have a dog. Huh. That’s not a dog. It’s giant black pig on a leash.

Just keep walking. Just keep walking. I hope I bought the winning lottery ticket tonight. I need to move.

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