The New Regime

A few months ago the company I work for installed a new regime.  We got a new king who immediately brought in his own court.  The org chart changed and went from being top heavy to top morbidly obese.  There was a new mission as well – implement drastic cost saving initiatives while increasing revenue.  That’s not terribly original but hopefully it will be effective.

A few months later and other than shitty pens being stocked in the supply cabinet, there’s really no sign of change.  I’ve never even seen the new prince who had been put in charge of my fiefdom.  The calm before the storm I guess.

As the fall approaches, we have our annual benefits enrollment review.  This is when we confirm or can change our insurance benefits – health and dental insurance, disability insurance, etc.  So in preparation, the regime sent out a company wide email noting that there will be a new health insurance option.  Currently we can choose our health insurance company and plan each of which of course vary in cost and coverage.  We’re offered HMO Blue, Tuft or Harvard Pilgrim and within them a couple of coverage options.  I went the middle route for typical HMO plan.  I can see physicians in an organization that I feel offers quality care and they HMO pays for most if not all services.  I think I should mention that I work for a healthcare organization and it’s not the one that I go to nor do 70% of the other 5000+ employees.  We get our care elsewhere.

So yesterday the details of this new healthcare plan were distributed.  We now have 2 options:  Harvard Pilgrim Select HMO or Harvard Pilgrim PPO. So if you have Tufts or HMO Blue you have to switch oh and by the way, if you choose the Harvard Select HMO that means you have to have you care here where you work where most have already chosen not to get their care or you can see a physician in the Tier 3 group which means your co-pay is $75 and it only pays 80% of the cost.  My current PCP or the organization that he works for isn’t even in that Tier 3 group nor are any other top rated hospitals in the city.

So if I want to continue to get my care from the organization that I have been going to for my entire adult life then I have to sign up for the Harvard Pilgrim PPO which means that my WEEKLY cost increases from $45.69 to $106.41 – A WEEK!  Maybe the new regime should figure out why 70% of their people go outside of the kingdom for quality healthcare before dictating that they stay in house.  Sure they offer a choice but they you have to choose between paying for your healthcare coverage and feeding your family.   I should be comforted by their final statement….

 “Our goal is to preserve the best possible benefits and care at an affordable cost for the entire _________ family. That way, we will use our precious resources wisely to support our patients and colleagues.”

…but I am not.

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