Week 1

And so it begins…fantasy football.  I’ve been playing for the last 9 years and love it.  This year I am playing in two leagues.  I was never a big football fan and frankly I don’t think I am now.  I watch the games for players not for teams.  I know as much about the Seattle Seahawks as I do my home team, The New England Patriots.  I’m no bigger a fan of Tom Brady as I am Matt Stafford.  I don’t scan the TV guide to see when the Patriots are on TV but rather I scan to see who I will be watching at 1, 4:15 and 8:30 and Monday night.  I wonder when my players will be on, when my opponent’s players will be on and when our game will be over.  It’s a strange thing that happens to fantasy players and it can ruin the thrill of an actually game.

Just yesterday I had a house full of friends who came over to watch the Patriots.  It was a great time with some great food and laughs.  Of course the fact that the Patriots were winning added to the merriment…these guys are Patriots fans through and through.  They don’t play fantasy football and could care less about the individual and care solely about the whole.   When Wes Welker made the 99 yard run for a touchdown last night, they jumped for joy (actually they just screamed and hollered and fist bumped).  They were glad the Patriots made that happen.  I also was jumping for joy but not because the Patriots were in the lead, I frankly don’t even remember what the final score was.  I was jumping for joy because I needed Welker to have a big game.  I was behind in one of my games.  Welker got the Patriots six points but he got me 16 points!  That was enough to ensure victory!  Any more points were merely icing on the cake.  I just wanted to win.

Sundays for the next 15 weeks (we only play through week 16) have become win or lose days and on which side I fall, determines my mood.  That’s not good and I know that’s not good.  It’s only fantasy football.  It means nothing in the greater scheme of things but for a couple days a week it keeps me happy.  The only other thing that can do that is ice cream.  Fantasy football has way fewer calories.  This week I won in both my leagues.  I should be happy for a another day or so before I turn back to the ice cream.

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