Comedy Magic

Last night was a big night in Boston comedy.  There was excitement in the air, more comics out than usual and the rare scent of hope lingered caustically.  Comedy Central was in town looking at people so 14 people were selected to be looked at.  Although it was touted as being not the usual cast of audition characters, it was mostly the usual cast of audition characters, the newest generation of audition characters and a slight smattering of others and rightfully so.  It was one of those nights that that you think perhaps someone will rise from the masses and shine, shine a light of hope that will inspire.

I was there as an onlooker, watching my friends and peers and some that I admire more than others as so many of us were.  Most of all, I was there to support Mr. No Game, Tony Moschetto, one of Boston comedy’s funniest and finest.  Oddly enough, I don’t see him on stage often.  I separate myself from him in the comedy world so I can make my own way, my own name and not be a hanger on of his.  I see him most often typing away at his laptop on his latest and greatest creation.  Some of his greatest works are not heard on the stage but rather read.  My personal favorites are the Cat Stories found occasionally in his blog (  His set last night was great including a new joke that has barely been conceived.  Most sets last night were of the tried and true, the polished and perfect.  Only someone like Tony would take something new to the stage for an audition.  He’s not afraid.  He’s true to his form and true to himself.

After the show on our way home, I asked how he felt about the set.  He thought it was good, he thought the crowd was fine but getting tired which was natural after seeing nine comics before him and knowing fine more were waiting in the wings.  He said he didn’t feel anything magical although we both agreed that looking for something magical in comedy is like searching for a mythical creature.  You know the Bigfoot is out there but sightings are few and far between, and a handshake is almost unthinkable.  So he walked away from this night as he does most, with a job well done and without expectation or demand.  Although he didn’t see anything magical I did in him and last night, shook the hand of the Yeti.

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2 Responses to Comedy Magic

  1. troy says:

    Does he know you call him a Yeti?

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