I’m a watcher.  I look out the windows, look in the doorways and I see things, people, life.  I’m not a stalker or anything I just watch things as they happen.  I’m not interested in anyone thing enough to stalk it.  There’s too much happening for me to single any one thing out.  Most observations I just keep to myself but sometimes I like to share them.  This is the reason that Mr. No Game likes me to bring my iPod with me when we go on long rides.  Long rides to him are more than 10 minutes.  If I listen to my iPod and observe the world, I keep quiet.  If we’re just driving down the road I point out most details and oddities that I see even if I’ve pointed them out before.  For example, every time we drive by my gym I point it out.  I can’t help myself.  This can be dangerous if I am driving and we are somewhere I have never been before particularly if it is a scenic area.  There is probably some name for this disorder other than “annoying” but I don’t know what it is and Mr. No Game has learned to love me anyway.

Today I took a short walk from my office building to another building that houses my company’s cafeteria.  On my way there I walked past a big hole in the ground from which a giant bee flew.  I’m not sure what he was doing in there but it was peculiar.  Then as I walked through the parking garage, I took the top floor because I saw a dog in it which is odd since the parking garage if for a hospital.  I never found the dog but saw a woman who was driving a big SUV hit a parked car.  She got her car stuck to it somehow.  When I stopped in the cafeteria to get some iced coffee, I saw mother hoist her little boy up to get a fork and spoon for their lunches.  They recently installed some peculiar utensil dispensing contraptions in the cafeteria that supposedly keep germs off the fork.  It took me a while to figure out how to get forks out of it but that boy hopped right up, pushed the nondescript lever and got a fork.  I figured he comes to the hospital too often for a little boy.  On my way back to my building, I saw the greatest thing ever – an ice cream truck!  It was parked in the employee parking lot which means that the ice cream man works for the same company that I do!  Awesome!  I figure he must hit the streets as soon as he gets out of this place.  That’s seasonal work and he’s got to make the most of his second job.  He’d probably make some money if he opened up the truck at lunchtime.  My company’s cafeteria is sadly void of ice cream.

So those are the sight’s I’ve see today but the day is young.  I wonder what else is out there…

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  1. I simply stated that just a few days in the past!!!

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