Worlds Colliding

I believe in keeping business and personal separate.  That’s easy enough with my day job and other than my office fantasy football league I rarely socialize with coworkers.  This trick for me has been keeping business and business separate.  By day I am a system analyst, a low key tech job that is fulfilling in its own way.  It offers challenges and learning opportunities and it pays the bills.  By night I am a comic, something that people in my daytime world have a hard time understanding…or maybe believing.  No one in the comedy world has a hard time believing I have a day job.  Most of us do.  So the same way I don’t tell other comics about my meetings with software vendors, users and programmers, I don’t tell other analysts about my comedy shows.  Should be easy enough to separate the two but occasionally I get outed.

In years past if anyone Googled me, you’d find nothing but a pay to see porn site (not me by the way) and a paper I wrote in graduate school.  Simple enough.  Today if you Google me all sorts of stuff comes up including comedy fliers from all sorts of shows, a couple local cable shows that I’ve been on and my blog.  For some reason, still unknown to me, a daytime coworker Googled me.  My two worlds are colliding.  This isn’t the first time a daytime coworker has happened into my night life.  I was at an open mic once in a bar inCharlestownand a coworker happened to be there with his fiancé.  I saw him long before he saw me and I wondered how this would unfold.  When it was my turn to hock jokes, my coworker looked at me with a quizzical expression of confusion or perhaps disbelief.   He couldn’t quite figure out what was going on.  When ever someone from my day life finds out about the night life, I am bombarded with questions about it.  When did you start?  Why do you do that?  What are your jokes about?  Where do you do comedy?  Never once has anyone from my night life ever asked a single question about the day life.  No one wants to know why I’m an analyst, how I happened into this job or even where I work.

I’m not sure why my night job is more interesting to my day time coworkers than my day job is to my night time coworkers.  I have met equally as many interesting people in both.  One of my comic peers sets the line up for commercials on one of the network TV stations for his day job.  I think that’s interesting.  I know another who works with psych patients and a MUFON investigator.  From my day job I know a ham radio operator and a guy who takes 3 week motorcycle trips all over the world…both are more interesting than some of the comics I’ve met.  I get to meet all sorts of people who do all sorts of things and few things ever surprise me.  Maybe one day someone will be interested in my day job…that it something that would surprise me.

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