There seem to be more and more crazies running loose in the world.  I’m not talking about the people you hear about in the news like the Brooklyn man who recently brutally murdered a little boy or the guy who killed his mother, step father and step brother by burning their house down inVermont, I’m talking about the everyday crazies that we see every day.  Maybe we just pass by someone like that at the coffee shop or the post office or the grocery store but we all have seen them.  Maybe we know one…or more than one.

Long ago when I started a new job one of the first things I was told was who is the most likely to go postal.  Turns out he never went postal and was actually just a peculiar fellow.  The one I thought was the crazy also just turned out to be a little odd.  I wonder sometimes about the guy who jogs by my mother’s house several times a week in cut off denim shorts and headband tied around his head and holding his arms above his head as he runs.  I imagine that the real crazies are not probably so obvious though.  Sometime I wonder if the guy that I sit across from at work who completely pretends I do not exist will cut me up and feed me to a pig one day.  He’s probably unstable to do just that and no one would suspect it until they looked a little closer at him.  I just spent an hour in a meeting with a crazy.  I think she’s a crazy because she constantly repeats what people say in question form.  She did this at least 9 times in 60 minutes which is a tell tale sign of office crazy.

Crazies are everywhere.  You can tell who they are by their actions.  Some signs are people who over post emotional outbursts on Facebook or they de-friend people people on Facebook as if they are really friends anyway.   They have compltely different personalities based on who’s around.   You can see it in their eyes…just look.   You might even know one or maybe you might just be one yourself.

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  1. Teri says:

    So true. What gets me is how everyone acts as if they don’t notice it? Unfortunately, a whole bunch of those crazies are promoted to government positions and instigate outlandish rules to control innocent people in the name of “public health” and “saving the children.”

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