It’s Sunday and 6:23 AM.  I’ve been awake for over an hour and not sure why I can’t sleep.  I’m tired for sure.  I went to bed a bit late last night.  I got home from a great show and had that post-show high that I get sometimes.  It was a great show at the Comedy Studio, the stage I feel most comfortable on.  There were great comics on the show like Dan Crohn, Joe Wong and Chris Flemming.  Mary Beth Cowan was on the show as well.  She’s one of my favorite female comics around here but I don’t see her often.

Even better than the comics was the crowd.  Rick Jenkins, owner of the Comedy Studio, tells the audience “we can’t do it without you, we’ve tried.”  That’s true, we can’t.  The crowd can make a show.  I try not to think that they can break a show because I believe it’s the comics job to not let that happen, but sometimes I think they can.  I’ve done some shows where the audience seems as if they were forced to be there as if they are doing some penance.  You won’t find salvation listening to jokes.  Last night’s crowd was the dream crowd. The crowd that makes your job easy.  They were ready and just wanted to have a good time and they had a good time.  You can tell when a crowd had a good time because they linger after the show.  There are smiles, residual laughter and a palpable energy in the room.  They were a great crowd.

So now it’s 6:33 AM and I’m still, still awake.  I already made my Sunday pot of percolator coffee, an underrated method of brewing coffee which I reserve for Sunday mornings, and sitting here in the quiet.  This is my favorite time of day, a time that I’ve rarely seen since comedy has become such a prominent part of my life.   I used to get up at 5 am pretty regularly, but now rarely.  I love the early morning because the world is still quiet and still.  In another hour of so, the world will be awake and loud.  The hustle and bustle of life will kick in and it will be hard to find the quiet, hard to find the stillness that only early morning offers.  I cherish these moments.  I savor them.  They are like old friends, comforting and gentle yet fleeting.  I better go and breath in this time before it is gone.   Once it is gone, I’ll take a nap.

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