Rainy Trash Day

It’s trash day again and I have a cold today.  I am blaming Lester for the cold.   Lester sits two cubes over and has spent the last two weeks coughing and sneezing into the poorly ventilated office air.  I was strong for a while.  I drank my tea and orange juice daily just to build up my immune system.  I thought positive thoughts and wished them out into the world for karma to hear.  Despite my efforts, I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and scratchy throat.  The cause could potentially be the rainy days, general lack of sleep and my adventure with the trash last night but it seems better to blame Lester.

When the alarm clock rang I just wanted to roll over and go right back to sleep, but today is trash day and I hadn’t taken out the trash.  I did take out the yard waste last night.  That only gets picked up once a month so it accumulates.  I keep those well packed paper bags under my little porch so they are out of the way.  It has been raining for days now and during a brief break in the rain, I headed out to deal with the lawn bags.  Turns out the inventor of those now mandated paper yard waste bags didn’t do a great job.  He seems to have forgotten that paper rots and after a couple weeks under my porch waiting to be taken to the curb nature took its course.  As I grabbed the first bag, the bottom ripped away leaving the now decomposing grass clippings and twigs littered beneath my porch.  Shoot.  I was more careful with the second and delicately moved the bag.  Success.  Although with a moldy bottom, the bag was in tact.  No amount of delicacy to salvage the third or the sixth.  This stinks…literally and figuratively.  Now smelly and surprisingly slimy I had to re-bag the decomposing yard waste and ruined bags.  It was gross.  Then I had to get them to the curb which sounds like the easy part.  It would be if I hadn’t bought a house at the end of a lovely, long private driveway.  It’s not so lovely on rainy trash days and imagine that it won’t be so lovely on snowy winter days.  After many trips back and forth and now soaked and covered in yard waste slime, I was all trashed out.  I  couldn’t even think of what was waiting in the refrigerator for disposal let alone another trip down the driveway.

So this morning I got out of bed, blew my nose fourteen times and headed down to take out the trash.  It’s raining again.  By the time I was back inside I sneezed eight times and blew my nose four more times.  I thought about just heading back to bed but why waste a day off being home sick.  I’ll wait for a sunny when I’m feeling better to stay home.

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