A Good Night

Last night was a good night.  I might even say it was close to being great and yet it was ordinary at the same time.  Those are the best nights.  It started out like many other Wednesdays have.  I got home from my day job, had some dinner while I watched the Cooking Channel and then got ready to head out.  My favorite open mic in the city is on Wednesday nights at The Tavern at The End of The word in Charlestown, MA.

First let me say that this is the nicest little bar, with an amazing beer selection and wonderful staff.  The food is well above the average bar food and the menu is quite varied and includes such goodies as fried chicken (outstanding), burgers and a veggie sandwich that made me think about going vegetarian again.  The burgers brought me back to earth though.  It’s the only neighborhood bar that I wish was in my neighborhood.  Although the bar is great, that’s not what made the night.  It was the people.

The show is hosted by Scotty Lombardo, the only dirty comic that I listen to.  He runs a wonderful show that is often 30 comics long, a testament to his room.  He’s friendly, supportive of all comics and sets that tone for the room, and the comics seem to comply.  Whether you are up 5th or 25th there is always someone listening which is certainly not the case at all open mics.  Beyond that there is always a nice crowd of comics.  Last night I got to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in months, talk to someone I’ve never talk to before and yuck it with some I see every week.  I shared some chicken, told some jokes and listened to some sad stories and some happy ones.  I heard about a breakup, a pending marriage, a TV movie idea and a cow.  It was great night and a typical Wednesday at the same time.  I’m a lucky girl.

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