Insane or Stubborn Continued…

Just to follow up…all went well in Rhode Island Saturday night despite the potential for comedy tragedy.   The first show had over 100 people – 25 at least of which were part of a bachelor party down from Boston.  I never understand why people choose comedy shows for bachelor or bachelorette parties.  Go to a strip club or dance club or at least a casino that has tables and not just penny slots.   I wish Dave the ridiculous bachelor all the happiness in the world, but buddy, I hate to say that if you were only “allowed” to go to a comedy show for your bachelor party, you are heading down the wrong road.   Good luck to you anyway.

So before I went to the show I wondered about insanity of expecting a different outcome that those that historically have been the result of the trip.  Insanity is an intriguing concept to me.  We all know someone that we consider crazy…the homeless guy who sings Springsteen in Harvard Square every night, the guy who sits across from me 8 hours a day and pretends that I don’t exist, the girl who constantly dates assholes and wonders why she hasn’t found Mr. Right.  Who defines and determines sanity?  I had dinner with my family last night and although I feel I am the one who is the most grounded, the one with the best handle on things, my siblings undoubtedly feel I am actually the least stable.  I’m sure it my lifestyle of being single, working a day job that my heart isn’t in and spending my free time writing and telling jokes to rooms full of strangers for little if any money.  My siblings are typical followers of the cult.  They want things – big houses, nice clothes, cars and the social recognition that comes with it.  And to their credit, they have it.  My sister has it because she works hard and is good at what she does.  She works around the clock, constantly on call, emailing her colleagues and thinking about work.  My brother is of a different school, live it and it will come.  He over extends and over complicates and works to catch up.  We are all different people ad we all think the other is the crazy one.

That’s the funny thing about crazy is that no one sees it in them self.  Everyone is quick to point the finger elsewhere.   Well, I can see how people might think I’m different, a little crazy.  Maybe I am but the thing that keeps me sane is knowing that everyone else is a little crazy too.


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