Insane or Stubborn?

It’s been a while. I’ve been busy for the last month or two and so my writing has been slow.  I’ve got a couple new jokes but the blog has been on the back burner along with so many other things that need to be resurrected.  April is the month to get back on track.

I worked in Rhode Island last night and I have to go back again tonight.  I say that with some hesitation because it was not a good night last night.  Comedy is a funny thing.  You can take a pile a jokes and tell then in one place and do well.  You can take the same pile and tell them in another place and fail.  Rhode Island for me is a place of failure.  My jokes rarely resonate with a crowd in that state the way it does any where else I’ve been.  Any Boston comic will tell you not to go to Rhode Island and many won’t but I refuse to believe that a whole state can be unappreciative of my humor so I keep going back.  That’s the stubborn side of me.  The side that will refuse to give up even though I know I should.  Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?   The logical side of me knows what kind of humor works in this particular venue.  I also know that the kind of humor that works here is not the kind of humor that I have.  So I should deduce that failure is inevitable.  But there is this one little glimmer of hope every time I gas up my car and head south to the smallest state in the nation that this will be the night that they will finally get me.  Even now as I sit here logically knowing that the night will be rough, I am hopeful that I will somehow prove myself wrong.

Insanity?  Stubbornness?  Hope?  Maybe determination?   Whatever the drive is that keeps pushing me back to Rhode Island, I hope that tonight they will finally get me so then I can finally let go of the smallest state in the nation.

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