Things I’ve Learned from Moving

Moving because your neighbors are strange isn’t a good reason.  New neighbors are stranger strangers.

Moving because you apartment is really dirty and you don’t want to clean it is not a good reason to move.  Cleaning someone else’s left behind filth is worse than cleaning your own.

Every though everyone will tell how and how easy it is to disconnect your gas stove and that they did their own, no one will do it for you.  You have to call a plumber and then call him again to come turn it on.

Buying contact paper at the 5 and Dime that has been in your hometown since you were a kid is not a good idea.  It is so old that the contact is gone and now it is just paper.

Some people take their mailbox with them when they move and now I have to buy one.

The paint colors at the store look better on swatches than they do on your walls.

It might actually be possible to have too much closet space or perhaps I don’t have enough stuff.

A four hour window of time given for appliances to be delivered means an entire day off from work.

If your furnace and water heater are up on blocks, the basement gets filled with water even of the person selling says it doesn’t.

When you in the self checkout line at Lowes at 9:00 on a Friday night, crying because your item won’t scan, they give it to you for free.

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