Hair Stylings

I’m getting a Brazilian Blowout on Saturday.  It’s not what you think…hopefully it’s not.  It’s a new hair therapy to remove frizz and unruliness.  I have unruly hair.  I was just born with bad hair, the kind of hair that men shave off or keep close to bald short so they don’t look like a Chia pet.  I don’t have the luxury of shaving my head because I am a woman and it is not the 90’s.  I’m also not a trend setter or point maker so I just have bad hair.  I’ve tried every style and look imaginable.  I’ve had 80’s style short and sweeping and even tried a perm once to get at least the complete curl rather than frizz that I have.  I got curl alright – Jheri curl which unfortunately coincided with a family vacation to Hawaii where I got so tanned that my ethnicity was in question.

I finally found a hairdresser that worked miracles on my hair but he was such a pompous prima donna that I couldn’t sit through the mere two hours a month that he needed to do my hair. I’ve since been to two other hair stylists who left me lacking style.  One day I was checking out the Groupon of the day and here it was a bargain Brazilian blowout.  Why not, and at 50% off it sounded even better.  But now I am here two day before my appointment at a salon that I have never been to and wondering of this will be the hair solution I have been searching for.  If I wasn’t such an impulsive shopper constantly in search of bargains I wouldn’t even consider it, but it’s already paid for and more than 50% off at that.  I guess we’ll see what happens.  Stay tuned.


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