Unknown Details

I have been boring myself lately.  Even now writing about my boringness is boring me.  In the last month it seems I’ve had to focus on the mundane life details that so far I’ve been able to pretty much avoid and, I am very much looking forward to the day when I can avoid them again.  I blame homeownership for this new found drivel in my life.

Although I won’t close on my new home until next week, I’ve spent the last month securing financing, investigating insurance needs, thinking about locks and drapes and paint and appliances and all sorts of things that in the past have been only glanced over if not ignored.  I was a renter and with that came a freedom.  I didn’t have to paint my apartment or worry about the flooring or even buy appliances.   Of course there is a down side, my apartment hadn’t been painted in 10 years and the appliances were problematic to say the least.  Dealing with those things never seemed necessary or important.  It wasn’t really my house and I knew I wouldn’t be there forever.  Now that I am responsible for these things, my mind is being cluttered with boring tasks.  The worst apart about it is that every task is tiered with levels of detail and complications that I never knew existed and am uninterested in.   I did not know that there were four thousand shades of white paint and in multiple types of finish at that.  There are also light blocking window blinds which are different than the kind that I suppose only block sight.  I’ll just take the kind that keep the neighbors from watching me get dressed in the morning.  Refrigerators come in many sizes and many door combinations…freezers on the top, freezers on the bottom, some freezers are drawers some have ice makers some have baskets inside.

These details have eluded me for most of my life but fortunately there are plenty of people who are willing to share this information.  My mother for instance is very excited about shelf liners.  I have no idea what they do and am pretty sure I don’t have any now but apparently I need them.  They keep your shelves nice I guess.  A friend from work told me that I needed to buy a shed.  “For what?” I asked and he said “You’r lawnmower.”  I guess I need a lawnmower too.  My sister seems to know about containers and insists that I have many, many, many large plastic containers.  I don’t have any now and don’t know what I put in them but I bought 8 of them to keep in my new basement.  I’m told canisters and a bread box are must haves although I doubt I will start eating more bread after I move.   I can’t believe I have survived for all these years without a bread box.  I thought I was merely buying a new shelter but for some reason people think I am buying a new lifestyle, a lifestyle that is already boring me.

I just want the floor man to come and make the floor shiny.  Painter man you make the living room white, the bedroom blue and the office green. Refrigerator man bring me a refrigerator that will keep my food cold and movers take everything from where I live now and put it where I will live next.   Once my things are there I think I should be all set and I’ll stop thinking about the things that I have never thought of before and have successfully survived without.  One thing however I do know I will need is a ping pong table and I think that covers everything…unless you ask someone else.

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