Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day for love to shine.  Echhhhh.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bitter woman scorn by love, I believe in love.  I just hate Valentine’s Day because it seems to reinforce that already ever existent societal pressure that women must be part of a couple.  I say women because of course I see that perspective better since I am a woman but also because I don’t think men have the same pressure to be part of a couple and if anything there is a pressure not to be part of a couple.  It’s as if for women life starts when they get married and for men life as they know it ends.  Quite often there are bachelor or bachelorete parties in the audience at comedy shows that I am on.  The brides to be are always excited about the big day and their friends are just as happy as they too wait for their big day.  They are celebrating the end of singleness and the beginning of their life.    The grooms to be however are more often just there and have opted for comedy because a strip club wasn’t allowed by the bride.  His friends poke fun of him for tying the knot (around his neck) as he toasts good bye to days of freedom and frolic and hesitantly awaits the rest of his life.

I am not against couple-hood, after all I am part of a wonderful couple.  I am opposed to the idea that you are supposed to be part of a couple and if you are not that there is some deficiency.  I have never been married and have no desire or need to be.  My brother is only in his thirties and is on marriage number 3.   Who is more deficient?  I applied for a mortgage for myself and as I sat there with the mortgage broker he kept saying that “you guy will be very happy in your new home”.  Who was he talking to?  Perhaps he is a bit schizophrenic.  I get invited places as a couple rather than getting invited on my own merit.  Do I not get to go if Mr. No Game is unavailable?  When I show up at my mother’s for brunch on Sundays the immediate response is “Where’s Mr. No Game?”  Why does the world expect two people all the time?  A friend of mine was allowed to eat only at the bar when she went to eat alone since the smallest table was for “two”.  Towel sets come with 2 bath towels, two wash clothes and one hand towel.   Dishes come in eights for four couples.  Singles get charged extra for vacation packages if you go alone.  It’s not right.  Singles are people too.  And the better single person you are the better part of a pair you make.

So even though I am part of a couple and like being that piece of a pair, I also like being one. I am a good one and because of it I make a better part of the two.  I like that Mr. No Game is a good one too and because of it he bring more to the duo.  We’re a good couple because we are good singles.  So on this pseudo holiday made for the pairs, singles should celebrate themselves and all that they are.  Although it seems the majority of the world is paired up, if you take a closer look at the pairs….who’s really better off?

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