I’m moving.  I’d like to say that I am moving on to bigger and better things but I am actually just moving into a bigger and better place to live which is a start.  I have lived in my current apartment for ten years.  Ten years.  When I moved in I had a different job, a different boyfriend, a different life.  I had a roommate that I called Chachi although he bore no resemblance to Scott Baio.  Now here I am with ten more year’s worth of things that have to be gone through and packed which has become a more than daunting task.

I didn’t know where to start with the packing so I just started with what I could see.  I packed 10 boxes of books, nine and a half of which I’ve already read.  I packed two more to donate to the library.  Then I packed my tea pot collection.  Boy I’ve got a lot of tea pots.  When it’s tipped, one even plays “I’m a Little Tea Pot” from a little music box hidden beneath it.  Some are so unique and others just too pretty to part with.  As I looked around I saw another book shelf of books and there are a few more tea pots.  Then I opened the cabinets and who would have thought that’s I’d have four full sets of China including cups and saucers.  A full box of cookie cutters and two boxes of “fancy baking pans” later I was overwhelmed.  And I yes I need them all.  You never know when I’ll want to make cookies shaped like a shoe or handbags or pumpkins or snow flakes or with or heart or square or a cake shaped like a sunflower or crown or castle or a classic bundt cake or angel food cake.

I’m three days into packing and am to the point of panic as to what to do.  Why do I have a percolator and two espresso pots plus a French press, a grind and brew and a single serve coffee maker.  I’ve never even used this fondue pot or the chocolate fondue pot.  The vacuum sealer is essential as is the waffle iron and panini press although perhaps I could do without the mini food processor since I have a large one and a medium sized one and a blender.  The toaster makes better toast than the toaster oven but I can’t reheat pizza in the toaster so they both have to stay.   Good lord I might be a hoarder.

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