The Hunt

I live in a fine enough apartment. It is in the exact location that I want it to be. Five miles from work, on a bike path, three blocks from my gym and within walking distance to a Starbucks. The location is perfect and rent is reasonable but there are many drawbacks, many, many drawbacks.

There are currently about 52 wild animals that live in the attic and walls. They are loud and fight often and I am pretty sure they are doing some serious damage to the building itself. My landlord can’t seem to get it taken care of. There are also the Rudeys whom I blogged about on July 22. They live in the first floor apartment and are not people who are good at living near other people. They are the typical young twenty somethings who forget that there are other people in the world let a lone in the building in which they live. I was shoveling the driveway the night of last weeks big storm. They ordered a pizza and locked me out of the house when it was delivered. Sure a simple mistake but I was shoveling right outside the door in plain site and the pizza guy told me they stiffed him on the tip. I don’t like living with people like that. The parking situation here is also bad which the Rudeys contribute to. I don’t have much outside space either and the shared yard is three stories down. Being a renter I am also at the mercy of the landlord who hasn’t done a single thing to this place since I moved in ten years ago. So although this place is fine on many levels, I think it’s time for a place of my own and I think I’ve found one.

I mentioned in my “Adulthood” blog how difficult it is to find something that I can afford and that doesn’t have any weird bathroom stairwells or smells like death. Well fate has it that the one place I saw that I like but was insanely overpriced is now within my reach. Like the stealth bargain hunter that I am, waited and watched. Years ago when the real estate market was insanely overinflated I too looked but I knew that what I saw wasn’t worth what people were paying. I also knew that even though the bank offered me twice as much money as I knew I could afford, that I should say no to a loan that would keep me burdened and overwhelmed. I waited and lived here with the squirrels and racoons and various other tenants. I waited and waited. Even over the last year as the market has fallen and interest rates dropped, I waited and watched. Then I saw my prey, half a duplex on a quiet street with a yard big enough to have that vegetable garden and perennial bed that I’ve longed for. There’s also a semi finished basement where Mr. No Game can play ping pong. Sure it’s not a perfect situation. There’s no Starbucks to walk to and there’s no bike path within sight. It’s in a more suburban neighborhood than I’m used to but it’s nice. It’s cute and cozy and affordable. It’s close enough to the highway that getting to my comedy gigs won’t be a problem and it’s close enough to the city so venturing in will still be easy.

So with this trophy in sight, I pounced. I offered a fair price and stood my ground. She battled back but I was strong. I knew I could win this fight and I did. She was backed into a corner and bit. She accepted my offer and today I go in for the closer look, an inspection from top to bottom, inside and out. Perhaps by days end I will be further on my way into adulthood….or more likely I’ll just have somewhere new to live.

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2 Responses to The Hunt

  1. TheCazz says:

    Well hopefully the Instection goes well & Congrats Jules

  2. Just Julie says:

    Thanks…it’s a better set up for eating and football watching for next season!

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