Strange Encounters

Over the last few days I have had some strange interactions with people.  It started Saturday morning when I headed down to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast.  I normally se a handful of people that I know anytime I am there, but that morning it was silent.  There few people who passed in and out were silent strangers.  It was a nice quiet time for me to catch up on my reading but at the same time a bit strange.

I then stopped at the grocery store and bumped into a log time family friend who asked me “How are the kids?”.  What kids?  I don’t have any kids…that I know of.  Even weirder is that I said “Fine.”

Then I headed off to do a secret shopper assignment at the movies.  I went alone and sat in silence with only one other person in the theater.  She sat about six rows ahead of me and laughed in all the wrong places.  Her laugh was so misplaced that I thought we were watching two different movies.

I stopped after the movie at TJX and More and a woman that I recognize from my office build recognized me as well and stopped me.  The conversation started out fine.  She said she recognized me from the office building and then went on for 27 minutes about how unfairly she is treated at work.  I still don’t know her name or what she actually does but apparently they are mean to her over there.  Good lord what a day.

I better just head to see Mr. No Game.  On my way up I-95 my car hit a patch of ice and skidded around in a circle, across the highway and into a snow bank.   Fortunately there was no damage and a man and his family pulled over and pushed my car out of the snow bank.  I didn’t catch his name and once I was on level ground again he merely waved and said “You are on your own.”  What does that mean?

Then I get a call from my real estate agent who told me the offer I put in on a condo was countered offered for more than she knows the property is worth.  Her advice: “You can probably get the condo if you offer them more money.”  Really?  That’s how it works?  I wish she would just pretend to want to help me get a fair deal.

Then of course today the mask police are out and reprimanding me for not wearing a mask at work since I did not get a flu shot.  She has a better chance of catching something from the many, many women who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom than she does of catching the flu from me.

Now the question is, do I go out tonight and risk more unsettling interactions in the world or should I stay safely tucked in at home?

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