The New Year

It’s three days in and already I am behind.  I haven’t even finished up my to do list from last year yet.  I’ve got a journal to finish, a book to read and a sitcom to write.  I’ve got calls to return, people to contact and a room to reorganize.  I am behind.  I usually start a new year with all sorts of feelings of hope and knowing that this will be a great year filled with fantastic change and well being.  This year I have simpler goals and wishes.  I’d like to keep my head above water.  I’d like to do more comedy shows.  I’d like to do more writing.  I’d like to back into shape.  I’d like to be a more compassionate person.  Simple things.

All these things should be doable but rely on my own motivation which is usually a problem.  I hate using the phone so contacting people is sometimes difficult.  I have a TV so writing isn’t always the first option.  I love to cook so eating sensibly isn’t always easy and staying in shape takes real effort.  I try to be compassionate but sometimes falter and mock people on reality TV shows.  Sometimes I even mock people who just watch reality TV shows.  I can’t help myself.  It’s not like I am setting ridiculously high goals like climbing Mount Everest or discovering the cure for cancer or having a good relationship with my mother.  I have small modest goals which can be easily accomplished if I hold myself to reaching them.    Maybe my only goal needs to be to increase personal accountability.  I guess I can try that if I feel like it.


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