A Little Distraction

It started out like every other day, a little sleepy and quiet.  I made it to work without incident.  I had my coffee and checked my email.  Nothing exciting.  For lunch I figured I would head to Starbucks for some tea, yes tea, and to finish reading the book I started last week, Holiday on Ice by Davis Sedaris, so I could start Tinkers by Paul Harding in the New Year.  I like things to be finished by year end and to start new things in the New Year.  So I ordered my tea, took the last available seat and opened my book.  I began reading but was soon distracted by the people at the table in front of me.

At the table was a woman probably in her early to mid-twenties.  She was dressed head to toe in pink with a pink purse as well.  She had a ponytail and headband to boot and she was drinking a large iced coffee with more milk in it than coffee.  She was quite chippy and did most of the talking.  Across from her sat a man of equal age.  She was talking alot and I couldn’t help overhearing.  At first she was giving an account of a date she recently had with someone she didn’t want to date.  She then moved into another man who professed his feelings for her although unrequited.  She did give him credit for being so bold and honest though.  Then she talked about a man she dated for 2 years but then he got laid off and didn’t get another one fast enough to keep the girl.  She couldn’t be expected to pay for everything after all.  She then mentioned a couple other dates she had recently, one with a co worker and another with a long time friend that just wouldn’t work out although they get along great.  The entire time this man only listened and made an occasional comment.

He was watching and listening with such intent that it was comical.    I couldn’t figure out why he was here but then I realized.  He likes her so much that he is blinded to the universal signs of disinterest – the old there are already plenty of option talk.  I don’t know why men don’t pick up on this.  Perhaps they hear the stories of the Mr. Wrongs and think that they actually are Mr. Right.  I don’t really know when men do a lot of things they do.  I understand men about as well as they understand me.  But if I could tell this one man one thing it would be to move on.  This one isn’t happening.  And in general, men, don’t date women who break up with you when you get laid off.  You want someone who will stick with you through the hard times and for God’s sake, never, ever date women who dress all in pink.

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