Christmas Wish

So Christmas is done, over for another year.  Now the house needs cleaning and the re-gifting closet can be loaded.  There isn’t too much this year to be packed in but an item or two will sit until next year when hopefully an unsuspecting recipient will appreciate, better than I, someone’s attempt at gift giving.  Food was a theme with gifts to me this year.  I got a couple of cookbooks, a waffle iron and some actual food including a bucket of various popcorn offerings and an actual bag of groceries containing veggie sticks, pita chips and chocolate truffles.  Overall people were very generous and thoughtful.  To me however I like people to like the gifts that I gave them.

In an earlier blog I noted that I wanted to give someone that cardboard house that one year made my Christmas magical.  I am happy to report that I did give that gift this year.  It wasn’t the how to knit book and supplies that I gave my sister who has talked about learning to kit for years.  It wasn’t the coupons for a concert ticket of choice to my nephews and it wasn’t the new computer we all gave to my mother.  Instead it was the simplest gift that I gave.  When I started putting together a list of gifts to buy I knew immediately what Mr. No Game would love to have.  He even told me it was on his Christmas list.  Now where to get it and exactly which one was an issue because I’m not well versed in this area.  So one day while at work I was perusing the internal classified ads where people post things for sale or that they are looking for.  Usually the items posted are more entertaining than anything else.  There are pets of all sorts including a male parakeet in need of a good home, elderly cats and dogs no one knew their child would be allergic to.  There are used appliances and exercise equipment and sometimes even clothes.  One time someone was looking for a crock pot which I happily passed along at no charge clearing out space in my never used small appliance cabinet.  Today however was my lucky day.  A woman who works on the other side of the building was selling just what I needed.  One email and a trip across the building latter and the gift was purchased.  I went home, wrapped it up and placed it under the tree.  I assumed there would be some box shaking while I wasn’t looking and Mr. No Game would figure it out.

Now, Christmas night was here and we had our first chance back at the homestead to exchange gifts.  Mr. No Game got me exactly what I wanted and some cute little items that made me laugh.  He is a good Christmas gift giver.  Now it was his turn and I assumed he knew what was coming.  So he opened the box and rather than just acknowledging that he knew, he was genuinely surprised.  He just stared and couldn’t believe that his Christmas wish came true.  At that moment my Christmas wish came true too.  I gave someone their cardboard house.

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