Strange Man Chatter

There’s been a sudden increase of man chat lately.  There is a particular group of men who are in their early forties and married with young children who congregate on the other side of my cubicle wall and spend a couple hours a day chatting.  This chatter is very distracting not because they are loud or boisterous or the conversation is interesting because it is not.  It’s distracting because these men seem to be a cross between men who belong in 1953 and catty housewives.  They talk about menial tasks they have to do for their wives like changing out light bulbs, getting boxes out of the attic and checking the oil in their cars.  They talk about paying the bills, how their wives spend too much money, the meatloaves they had for dinner and their in-laws.  They also talk to their wives several times a day on the phone asking and answering questions like “Did you pick up my pants from the dry cleaner?” and “Yes I’ll take out the garbage tonight when I get home”.  I wonder where these men from the 50’s have found wives who also are from the 50’s.  When one of them is absent the chatter then turns catty and the absentee man becomes the fodder for the pettiness that I’ve rarely seen in men.  They bust him for bring his lunch, driving like a girl and being whipped.  This chatter annoys me because it is the most boring chatter I have ever heard.  If you are going to be yucking it up behind my cubicle for hours at least talk about something interesting like where you keep the time machine in came in on.


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