Morning Coffee

Mr. No Game lives in a sleepy town.  I call it the place that Starbucks forgot because I cannot find a good cup of coffee there.  This is particularly troublesome on my morning ride to work because I like to have my morning coffee while buzzing down the highway and listening my commute playlist.  Of course Dunkin Donuts are littered about because they haven’t forgotten about any town.  Or any block in any town.  I do not like Dunkin Donuts coffee though.  I think it tastes like overly sweet creamy bathwater.  There are also several diners that I pass on my way back to civilization, but unless it’s a Sunday morning and I’ve got a plate of eggs, bacon and home fries, watered down diner coffee doesn’t cut it.  There is a McDonalds and a Burger King as well that I pass on my way to work.  I know Burger King has started serving my preferred coffee, Seattle’s Best so this morning I hit the drive through.

I drove up to the little speaker, rolled down my widow and was cheerily greeted by a woman whom I would latter meet.  I ordered my coffee and since I’ve got a cold some orange juice too.  My total was displayed on the little screen and I was told to drive up to the second window.  Now at this second window, a woman leans out the widow, hands me the little orange juice cartoon and takes my money.  She then leans back inside and shortly there after she returns to the window.  Now she hands me my change and a paper bag.  What’s in the bag I wonder so I take a peek.  Lo and behold there’s my cup of coffee in that paper bag along with some little creamers, packets of sugar and a stirrer.  Who would have thought?  Not me.  I figured it would come assembled.  I guess I’ll just hold the bag until I can drive to a parking spot to put it all together.  Good thing I have black pants on today because this bag isn’t leak proof.  I know, Burger King, that your motto is “have it your way” but when I order coffee in a drive through I only expect to get it “close to my way”.  I have never gotten a bag filled with a burger patty, bun, some lettuce, tomato, onion and condiment packets.  You assemble my Whopper so please assemble my coffee.


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