Holiday Giving

This time of year in particular I am reminded of how many people are in need.  So every year I seek out charities that resonate with me and I give what I can.  On top of that  I put a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket outside the grocery store because I feel bad that those people are freezing their asses off ringing a bell all night.  I give a homeless guy a dollar every time I go into Harvard Sq.  I buy Boy Scout popcorn from the kid next door who rings my doorbell incessantly until I answer it.  I wish I had an invisible car so he wouldn’t know when I was home.  I give my sister money when she rides her bike for her charity.  I give a coworker money when he walks for his charity.  I give all of my old clothes to Goodwill.  I volunteer time when I’m asked to as well.  I help mostly because I want to but sometimes because I’m guilted into it.  I do not care anything about the Boy Scouts of America and only recognized that it was the kid next door selling it because he told me that he is the boy who lives next door.

Every time I turn around someone is asking me to donate to their charities as well.  I can’t even shop at Marshalls without the sales person asking me to give a dollar to some charity or another. It’s funny that none of the sales people ever give me a dollar when I ask them if they want to donate to my charity.  They do give me dirty looks though.  If TJX was really interested in raising money for a particular charity they should donate all the money made in sales for a day.  Stop and Shop could just give a bigger check to their charity and so could Whole Foods.  Throw on top of that the envelope that I get in my newspaper every Sunday asking for a Christmas tip and the tip I am supposed to give the mail man and trash men and the collection for a gift for the office manager.  Why are we buying presents for people who are doing their jobs?  I work for a non profit company which pays me less than I could make if I work in the private sector.  They send me letters several times a year explaining how important their work is and asking me for a donation.  My working there is my donation.  On top of that we have a Toys for Tots bin that I get emails about.  Someone has hung pictures of orphans up in the kitchenette asking for money for.  There are also posters asking for donations for animal shelters, churches and other random organizations.

I understand that there are many people and organizations in need.  I also know that I could give more or do more but I do my part.   Asking me for money every where I go is actually making me not want to give anyone money.  Please stop asking me for money.  Also retail storeworkers, I do not want to save 10% on today’s purchase by signing up for a credit card, I would like to pay full price.

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