It’s been a weird week and now I feel like I’m in a weird place.  I guess I’m in more of a limbo kind of place.  Every once in a while I feel like I should be more adult than I am, and by “adult” I mean that I should have a life that looks more like a typical grown up life.  Of course I’m old enough to be considered an adult and I already have a “career” job which pays the rent so I sort of seem like an adult, but in the eyes of the typical adult, I seem stunted or at least my family thinks I’m stunted.  So this week I tried to do something that would catapult me into that state of adulthood which was harder that I thought.  There are only a few things that create auto-adulthood:  marriage, childbirth and home ownership.  Marriage is out even though I have a phenomenally great boyfriend.  I just don’t want to get married and conveniently neither does he.   I’ve got no desire to create little humans so the childbirth thing is out.  Homeownership it is!

So I went house hunting.  I went on line and found a few seemingly nice looking places that I can barely afford and I went to see them with a woman named Cynda, my new real estate agent.  I know how this business works.  Cynda sings me the merits of owning a home and shows me homes that I can’t afford because the more I spent the more she makes.  Little does she know, however, that I am a bargain shopper.  I don’t even pay full price for groceries so I certainly won’t pay full price for a house.  So we saw a nice little house built on a landfill that has well water and a leaching field, two that smelled like death and one little duplex condo that was in perfect working order but insanely overpriced.  Then we saw a wonderful place that would be nice too live but it was too expensive.  I wouldn’t be able to live here and eat.  I love to eat.  I loved this little place and the best thing about it was the second floor where there is a great space for a large yet cozy master bedroom.  The worst thing about it is that the secret stairwell to get to the upstairs in the bathroom.  Not only is that a bit odd and potentially inconvenient, it limits the furniture that you can have up there since you would have to squeeze it all past the sink then take a sharp left at the toilet.  Other than that it was delightful, but again out of my financial reach.  House hunting is depressing.

So now it’s Friday and I’m in this limbo.  I am still a renter without much hope of reaching adulthood any time soon.  I’ve got no comedy work this weekend, I have to go to a funeral on Saturday and a birthday brunch on Sunday which will be about as much fun as shopping with Cynda.  On the bright side, I’ve already got tickets to the new Harry Potter movie!  I think I’ll just keep renting.

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