It’s 5:17AM and I am sitting alone in my office building and I’ve been here for more than an hour.  Every once in a while I have to work strange hours and I don’t mind it because I like the quiet that you can only find in the middle of the night. This is the only time my office is not teeming with people, noise and activity.  It is a little creepy but I relish the silence and the time alone although that won’t last for long.

Within an hour this place will start to fill with life or some semblance of it.  Drones will start filing in and take their rightful places in the rows and rows of sterile, gray cubicles.  Mindless chatter about the last night’s TV shows will ensue and the silence will be no more.   I will begin counting down the minutes until I can flee and start my day, the part of my day that to me is my life.

Oh no, a sheep has arrived early.  The silence  is gone.

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