I love Sundays.  Sunday is the day I most look forward to because I give myself the whole day off.  I spent the week working my rent paying job and week nights honing my comedy.  I spend Saturdays running errands, cleaning and catching up on all the things I didn’t do during the week so Sunday is mine completely.  Yesterday was a typically wonderful Sunday.  I woke up and made a fresh pot of coffee and read the newspaper from front to back although I skip the depressing sections like the real estate and career sections.  I caught up on some DVRd cooking shows and went pumpkin picking.  By pumpkin picking I mean selecting a pumpkin from a table at Mahoney’s but it takes me a long time to pick out my pumpkin.

My boyfriend, Mr. No Game, and I have made going to Mahoney’s for pumpkins a tradition.  He loves pumpkins even more than I do.  He even grew a giant pumpkin once and entered it in a giant pumpkin contest.  Unfortunately, his pumpkin wasn’t quite big enough to place but you know what they say: it’s not the size of your pumpkin but the taste of the pie that counts.  I love pumpkin pie.  So we headed off to pick our pumpkins and we got some good ones, seven good ones to be exact.  We got a white one, a weird hybrid mushroom looking one, a giant misshapen one and several little ones.  It is a good pumpkin year.  Mr. No Game and I disagree every year as to what to do with the pumpkins.  He likes to paint them but I like to carve them.  I like to create a beautiful jack-o-lantern and roast the seeds just like we did when I was little.  When I was little we would go and each of us would pick out a little pumpkin for our self and my dad would pick out a big pumpkin to carve.  My mom would always just watch.  She’s a watcher.  I love pumpkin day.

Now it is Monday and I woke up with a raging headache.  I’m not sure why, perhaps it was the extra large portion of apple crisp that I had before I fell asleep in front of the TV at nine o’clock.  I always fall asleep early on Sunday nights although I don’t always have apple crisp, sometimes I have cake or a hot fudge sundae.  I like to end the weekend with a treat.  I should have stayed home from work and had a second Sunday but I’ve got too much to do this week.   I’m already looking forward to next Sunday which means it’s going to be a long week.

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