Condoning Bad Behavior

A Facebook friend of mine posted that he was tired of all the “douche bags” in the world.  Comments on the post agreed and then suggestions were posted that everyone should tell off one douche bag a day.  The thought was that if everyone told one douche bag off then they would realize they were a douche bag and they would stop being a douche bag and then there would be no more douche bags.  At first I thought that might work but the realized it would not.  It would not work because few have enough gumption to tell off a douche bag.  Instead most people tolerate the behavior and often reward it, thus perpetuating it.  For example, I work with a man who, based on his behavior, is an unstable misogynistic jerk with serious anger issues.  Another coworker agrees that he is a jerk but spends most of his day yucking it up with him anyway.  “Why?” I asked and the response was “I have to work with him.”  Yeah you have to work with him but you don’t have to eat lunch with him.

So rather than telling off everyone you think is a douche bag, how about if we just stop condoning the behavior?  Confucius says, “Have no friends not equal to yourself.”   You might not be that douche bag but if you are friends with him, you might as well be.


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1 Response to Condoning Bad Behavior

  1. Dennis says:

    Hi Julie, I have just read your post and interpretation of ‘condoning bad behaviour’ and thought it well put. You don’t have to lower yourself to their level by interacting/ reacting that could be precisely what their game is. Ignore, don’t be drawn in, be significant in your absence and be seen to be who you want to be.

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