Empty Barrels

Growing up I went to a Catholic high school.  And although I am not longer a practicing Catholic, beyond the basic reading writing and arithmetic there I learned one of the greatest truths.  Sr. Ruth was my Latin teacher and she had a handful of phrases that she commonly used.  My least favorite was “You’re a great girl, but you don’t know much” but that’s another religious conversion story for another day.  She also used the phrase “empty barrels make the most noise” whenever someone acted up or made smart aleck remarks.  I never really understood what she meant until the age of social media and networking.  I know this seems hypocritical of me to say such a thing in a blog and believe me when I say that I have zero expectation of anyone reading this blog nor do I advertise this blog in any way other than posting a link to it on my Facebook page.  I will also never claim to write anything terribly important or even insightful to anyone except perhaps myself.  I consider this blog nothing but a writing exercise for myself but feel free to eaves drop.  So back to the topic de jour…empty barrels.

Recently I started listening to a very interesting and entertaining podcast so I went in search of others of the same genre and I found many, many, many to choose from.  So I narrowed down the choices and listened to a couple of them.  I even gave each one a couple of tries in case the one that I happened to pick wasn’t the best.  After listening to these podcasts I realized that I was simply listening to people talk to their friends, talk to themselves and/or babble on about nothingness, and not the Seinfeld-esque humorous nothingness but rather the reality show type nothingness.  I finally knew what Sr. Ruth meant.  I realized that podcasts were simply the audio version of Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets.  I looked at Facebook, where I do have a page, and that saying also rang true.  I noticed that generally the people with the most frequent status updates have the least to say.

I like podcasts and Facebook and other methods of mass communication because it is an outlet to share your thoughts, ideas and to discuss any and all sorts of topics.  The problem is that it is littered with so much mindless information that the good stuff can get easily buried beneath a pile of self postulating insignificance that takes too long to shovel though.  So Sr. Ruth you were right empty barrels make the most noise.  So should I stop this needless writing?  Probably although if anyone is wasting their time reading this rant, please send GOOD podcast suggestions!

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