Vegan Wrench in the Plan

I wait all year for this day, the start of football season.  I didn’t grow up watching football or any sports at all, but now I look forward to the first kick off every Sunday all because I got hooked on fantasy football.  Eight years ago now I bought into my first league and now I run it.  I don’t regret it although I can’t even count the hours wasted researching stats and player s and then watching game after game after game every Sunday and of course Monday nights.   It’s a love hate relationship that I just can’t get out of.  At least it only lasts 17 weeks a year.  Sundays have now become wonderful days that I celebrate.  I prepare delicious snacks, a hearty dinner and a decadent dessert and indulge in the day without regret.

This year for the first Patriot’s game of the season, I decided to go all out with barbeque and have some people over.  I sent some invited and have planned the menu – ribs, Buffalo wings, coleslaw (got to have a healthy option vegetable covered in mayo) mac and cheese and sweet potato pie!  Everyone is coming however, with one of the replies, I was informed that my friend is now eating vegan.  I hoped that meant he started eating vegans so I wouldn’t have to change the menu, but it was meant in a more traditional sense.  Hmmm.  That doesn’t quite mesh with the barbeque theme of the day.  Maybe they make faux ribs and wings although my feeling is that if you are going to eat something that is made to look and taste like meat, then you should just eat meat.  Coleslaw and mac and cheese is even out since there’s dairy in it.  Have these people not heard that humans are at the top of the food chain, unless of course we are left alone and weaponless in a jungle.  Well, I guess I can roast some veggies and make some quinoa and use shortening instead of lard in the pie crust.  I’m not going to let this culinary challenge get in my way.  Sunday will still be a great time with good friends, a great game to watch and lots to eat for everyone!  Maybe I’ll even make vegan cookies…or are they?

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