Private Grooming, Public Spaces

When did it become ok to groom yourself in public?  I saw a woman on the bus once flossing her teeth.  What is the flossing urgency that couldn’t wait until she go home or to a bathroom.  Had she just snacked on some corn on the cob?  It was nasty.  And what did she do with the floss when she was done?  She dropped it on the floor of the bus which was disgusting although I suppose it was less disgusting than putting the piece of used floss in her purse. I saw a woman in a restaurant brushing her hair.  If you must brush your hair, do it in the bathroom.  No one needs your dander in their food.   I was witness to something even more disgusting this morning.  I was sitting in my cubicle checking my email when I heard the distinct sound of nail clipping and there is no mistaking that noise.  This morning was not even the first time.  The fellow, Mr. Disgusto, is a habitual work place nail clipper.  Do you think he is grabbing all those clippings as they go flying through the air?  It’s unlikely.  Mr. Disgusto, if you are some sort of creepy serial nail groomer, then remove the temptation.  Just don’t keep a nail clipper in your desk.

Please, I beg you public groomers, take the extra five minutes at home to complete the grooming process.  Clip your nails, floss your teeth and brush your hair at home.  Please.

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