Restaurant Review: Coffee on the Common

I was in Paxton MA (near Worcester) this past Saturday and looking for breakfast.  A local woman suggested Coffee on the Common which she said was a little diner and she was right it was a little diner an a little house-like building.  We found the place easily enough although we had quite a difficult time figuring out where to park.  There are about 4 tiny parking spots in front of the building and a steep lane that leads to a very bumpy, dirt lot with several deep holes in it that holds about 3 cars behind the building.  There is also a small liquor store next door with 2 parking spots and a small bank with an enormous parking lot next to that.  We opted to park in the bank lot which was empty although we knew it probably wasn’t right.

There were about 5 tables in the place and a counter with 7 more seats.  There was a nice mural at one end of the diner and paintings by a local artist hung on the other walls.  The bakery style case up front had one blueberry pie in it which looked deliciously homemade but nothing else.  We were told to sit anywhere and we chose the counter since the only other options included a table for 5 or one uncomfortably close to another couple.  Soon enough the cook came by to clean off the counter and a waitress asked us if we’d like coffee while we read the menu which we had to share.  The offerings were typical to a diner, pancakes, French toast and egg combos, omelets and my favorite breakfast item, corned beef hash.  When I was little we rarely had hash so it seemed like a special occasion when we did.  So even now I can’t resist even if it’s from can.  Since there was only one waitress in the place and she was busy with a table of 8, the cook came and took or order.  My friend chose a simple Swiss cheese omelet with side of bacon and I opted for the cheddar hash omelet and home fries.

Soon enough the coffee came and it was typically weak, bad diner coffee.  Then the food arrived and it looked great and it was a perfect potion to fill me but not over stuff.  It was served hot from the grill and I could barely wait to taste it.  The golden brown home fries were spicy and well cooked although the potatoes were cut in varied sizes some pieces were significantly crispier than others.  The hash in my omelet was grilled to a delightfully crispy state on the bottom and sprinkled with cheddar before being placed into a fold of light yellow eggs.  It was wonderful.  The bill came to $16.00 and change which I find typical for diner fare these days.  We left full but headed out in search of a Starbucks to get our coffee fix.  Is it a do over?  Yes.

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