Relationship Complexities

Relationship issues seemed to dominate my weekend, not my own, but rather the complexities of other people’s.  I heard stories of breakups and heartache and revenge for those crimes of the heart.  I heard a story about love at first sight and about meaningless hook ups and about everything in between.  I heard both sides of one breakup story with accounts so different that I wonder if they were even in the same relationship.  I heard a story from a friend who was out with her boyfriend and they happened to run into one of his old girlfriends.  To avenge that chance meeting, she made him go to see an old boyfriend’s band.  What kind of crazy is that?  Even Sunday morning the game of first dates was the topic of the back page article in the Globe Magazine, my Sunday paper guilty pleasure.  The article was by a young woman who was dating a new guy and her strategic responses to date invites.  Should she let one of his friends come along to a bar and what would be her counter offer?  What’s the right response to being asked to go to a baseball game:  more points if she suggests he takes a guy friend instead or go and make sure she acts interested despite not being a sports fan?  Who has time to plot all that out? And more importantly who wants to be with some who plots that all out?

Most relationships seem overly complicated.  Maybe I’m lazy but I prefer a simpler route.  I don’t plan or scheme or follow rules.  I don’t wait three days after a date to calls someone.  I call them if I want to talk to them.  If someone asks me to go to a Red Sox game, I don’t wonder why they asked or what the right response is, I wonder if I want to go.   I went out on the first date with my boyfriend because when he asked me he merely said, “I’d like to take you out on a date because I like you like that.”  Nothing but the simple truth from a man after my own heart.  We’ve also kept that straightforward honestly with us into the relationship which has been nothing short of great for more than and year and a half.  We don’t call because we are supposed to or spend Fridays together because it’s date night.  We call when we have something to say and see each other because we like to be together.  We go to the arcade to play air hockey and we both go to win and don’t get mad over who does.   We don’t keep count of which movies he picked or how many times we ate what I wanted.  Sure we don’t agree on everything and don’t do everything together.  He watches the baseball game while I read in the sun.  I like going to the produce store and I don’t care that he stays home.  I can buy lettuce alone.  We keep it simple and true.  We’re lucky I guess to be so compatible or maybe were both just too lazy to plot but either way it’s great.

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