Wouldn’t it be nice if we could tell other people what we really think of them?   I’m not suggesting that you should be randomly mean to someone or use the opportunity to belittle someone for personal gain, but rather just be honest with people.  All too often people bad behavior is tolerated because you are afraid of the repercussions.  You can’t tell your boss that his idea to focus the company on creating websites for pets only is a bad one.  Instead you have to go with it and spend an inordinate amount of time orchestrating a plan which will show him how ridiculous the idea is.  If you didn’t have to be afraid of getting fired or denied a promotion in the first place, you would have just said, “That’s a bad idea.  The market is limited since animals hardly ever use the internet.”

More often than not, though, we bite our tongue because it would be rude not to.  It’s ironic that we reward rude behavior with politeness.  What do you do when the woman who sits in the next cube brings her devil like son to work for the day and he spends the first hour banging on the adjoining cubicle wall and she pops her head over to say “I couldn’t get a sitter today. Little Timmy isn’t bothering you is he?”    You say, “Oh no.  He’s so cute and I barely noticed he was here.”  when you really wanted to say “Maybe you’d be able to find a sitter had you not spawned Beelzebub.”  That would be rude.  I’d love to say to the jackass who has been professionally inappropriate and rude to me for the last year “You know I think you are a dick right?”  when he tries to now make small with me because he wants to get into the fantasy football league I run in the office.  And to be fair, I would want people to be honest to me.  Maybe I am a raging bitch and I don’t know it.  How would I if people are too polite to tell me?

Last weekend was tax free weekend in Massachusetts, next weekend should be repercussion free weekend.  So let’s tell the truth.  Ladies, he’s probably not going to call since he most likely thinks you’re a whore.  After all you did sleep with him after meeting him for the first time at 1:00 am smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk outside a bar.  Gentlemen, bald is better than a comb over and keeping your shirt un-tucked doesn’t make you look thinner, just sloppier.

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